Here’s the latest ebaY sales promo to hit folks’ (read: Buyers) email inboxes. Found posted on the ebaY forums.

No Receipt, No problem! Sell it on sleazebay!

ebay's latest promo defies common sense and ebay's own policies

As you can see, this is a recipe for disaster. The very first thing ebaY will want… (more…)

ebay_brains_for_sale_belie_public_relations and_thinking_day_validityUpdated: Now with the original auction listing photos. See below.

It’s impossible to let this go by without some sarcastic mention. Once again, ebay reality surpasses the Twilight Zone.

It seems that ebay’s purported thousands of staff policing the site and use of the latest technology didn’t catch it. The sale was successful. The buyer, who reportedly likes to collect ‘odd’ things,  paid for and received his precious brains.

Here’s an ended ebaY listing very likely to be one of the brains sold. Click the thumbnail for a larger view in new tab or window.

The only zombies or truly brain-dead  involved seem to be … (more…)

The dreaded XSRF cross site request forgery exploit is still uncorrected on ebaY. That means extreme risk to both ebay and Paypal users.




Let’s begin way back in 1999. This phylum of flaws (cross-site/scripting) has existed on ebay since before there were terms coined for it. I produced a quick & dirty video outlining not only that, but how ebay sought to make a public relations play by announcing the removal of sellers’ ability to use active scripting elements in the user generated content of ebay listings, then quietly reversed the decision, and buried that news on a backwater blog. You can cut to the quick  by clicking the more info area of the video and following the links.


Moving forward.


We blogged this vulnerability back in September. Yet if you follow the links there, you see the flaw actually existed for 3 years.



Now to the present day…


Published on Dec 29, 2013

I wanted to buy this card on Ebay, but this guy is obviously bidding up his own cards. Come on Ebay, when are you gonna stop this nonsense?

ebaY_bucks_butcheredIn yet another sure sign of decline, ebaY has suddenly made a prominent change to it’s ebaY Bucks incentives program.

Beginning January 1st, 2014, members will no longer receive the incentives if the value is less than $5.00.


Going over the ebay Cassini search architect Hugh Williams departure from ebay, and posts I had linked to there, I noticed the very first known utterance of the term Cassini, [within the context of ebaY search engine technology] for whatever reason, seems to have vanished from the interwebz. Although you can find mentions of their Press Release all over, the complete original text seems nowhere to be found, much like any cached or archived pages.

Here, from the  Cappnonymous Archives, we have the full text and a screencaptured image… (more…)

Our good friend George Zimmerman has captured the nation’s attention again. This time with a so-called original painting listed on ebay. The bid stands now at $99,966.00.

But is there more to it? Is it really original? Search the image down at google reverse image search and/or