Our “friend” Rob Chestnut is at IT again.

***A Message From Rob Chesnut – Combating Online Fraud***

The overall effect is no more than to conceal the fraud and harm the consumer, all while ebay rakes in the profits, by billing the sellers whos accounts were hijacked, the effects of the bogus listings being reported as legit volume increase, the effect upon the stock price, and whatever revenue, if any, is generated from clicks to or within their hacked site.

I just got done finding a HUGE amount of hijacked accounts and listings on ebay, but this scammers email address really stuck out for some reason. Looks like a great chance for fun to me.

Click this link to see the fraud for yourself. At the time I post this link there are still plenty of hijacked listings on IT.

shoprob001@gmail.com ~ ebay description search

Please visit and view this slideshow, apparently embedding from imageshack.us does not work yet here.Length is about 1 to1 & 1/2 minutes max, no sound, opens in the same window for those on IE.

(I am a newbie to all this, so please bear with me folks.)

Then, just for kicks, here is a nice video.

Vladuz vs eBay: Recent Security Breaches at eBay inc. Includ

This video (above) is from FireMeg.

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You never know just who may show up there. Maybe even Robin Hood.

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