This is basically a mirror post/rant for the one I posted at another blog spot of mine, over here using slideshow.

But for some odd reason, by sometime earlier today, the slideshow will not load properly, and I am having trouble getting the blog it’s self to load. Very strange, also a pity, because the original slideshow at imageshack slideshow seemed more clear, although not near as schnazzy. Try it yourself. Hopefully, it is only a temporary glitch. However, as we all know, ebaY has a way of making anything which shows them in a bad k light to vanish.

Anyway, here we are at WordPress, with a slideshow from slide.

You can also find it at youtube on video, seeing as how this is important safety information it should be where most folks will find it, yes?

I am sure everything will work better now. (biggrin)

OK, before you go any further, this entry has some things you may not want to see. If you are offended by pornography, parody, peaches, or pernicious knids, hit your back button right now. You have been warned.

Now I did edit these to make them viewable, but I had to take liberties because pixelating them out was still too risque

There are plenty of well documented reports of the pornography on ebay

Don’t touch those knobs!

OK, I have written a bit about the porn here;

Porn on ebaY ~ Should Consumers Be Offended? – Tuesday, March 20th 2007 4:43 Also posted quite a bit about IT, the redirects and the fake sign-in pages, in two separate threads or more, on the CAPP Forum.

Further, IT has been in the local news in some areas, on podcasts from eWeek Magazine.

IT seems that ebay is doing IT’s best to conceal this from the general public, and make it all disappear. They have *called an end to TWO *seperate threads on the so-called “Trust and Safety” boards, which had lots of proof of the hacking, the hijacking, and the tight-fisted, uptight hypocritical, glaring Orwellian censorship.

Massive, worldwide, multiple user hijacks,

Massive, worldwide, multiple user hijacks( Thread 2 4/4/07

(More on that later. When they make them disappear from Google, I will be making a youtube video about IT, so ebay, by all means, keep doing what you are doing, and so will WE, BTW–wink!)

See here for the shocking interview on MP3, in the “ Navigating eBay’s Shark-Filled Waters” portion of what I dubbed …

The Vladuz Radio Hour ~ Podcast & ebaY Related Radio – Sunday, April 1st 2007 12:17

I may be joking around about all this, but there have been many, many incidents where the porn was *just downright offensive, hardcore, & maybe even perverted, (IMO). Waaaaay beyond just naked ladies. I won’t describe IT here.

IT is readily apparent that ebay is powerless to stop these porn listings.
The hackers own ebay, and everyone knows IT, even ebaY!

Do you want your young child (or anyone you know really) seeing that garbage while you are shopping for Disney toys or *toddler clothing?

When will some authoritative body finally do something about that out-of -control, dangerous, and vulgar website?

Let us not overlook the actual victims of these scams, the cumulative impact and effect on our country’s economy, etc. This must stop. This must be stopped.

Seeing this time after time after time… is therefore knowing that whatever IT is trying to do to correct the matters, is not working.

How can anyone expect to get different results doing the same stupid things over and over and over?

*Thanks to for free image hosting. lol