Looks like a bit of fun on the ebaY Forums.

(oops, I mean for everyone except the folks who will fall victim in whatever way)

This looks like it may even be considered a sort of follow-up to this recent post, right here;

“The List — ebay has been hacked in a major way” ~ Back From the Memory Hole!

Someone tried to warn, and the post was pulled.

Why has ebaY not been proactive in informing, thereby protecting “IT”‘s users? Why is “IT” deliberately depriving “IT”s own users of such info?

I cannot believe they are not leading the charge to correct this, instead of trying to bury everything. (because that is not going to work, ahem…)

How many more times will IT happen? Are there more any “LISTS” which we just have not found out about yet?

Do you, should you, trust anyone/any outfit like that?

Moving on,

The censorship on ebaY’s “discussion” boards has been compared to the Gestapo and the Nazi Party, also to the George Orwell novel “1984”

EbaY has been under massive, worldwide hack attack since mid-February, and is trying to sweep IT all under the rug.

(Not once, BUT TWICE…)

starting here with the most recent;

“Massive, worldwide, multiple user hijacks, Thread 2 4/4/07

Visit the Cappnonymous channel on youtube!

Here it is on google,

and the original, started waaaay back on Feb-17-07 , @ 18:26 PST

Visit the Cappnonymous channel on youtube

Let’s see how long ’til this “evaporates” from Google’s Cache, and goes the way of the Memory Hole…

My guess is that IT will live on… somewhere… cough cough youtube cough web 2.0 cough cough

EbaY has had at least 4 incidents of “LISTS” of their user’s data compromised. EbaY has not warned their users.Be sure to visit these threads from the ebaY Germany forums to see about the latest HUGE lists of compromised ebaY and PayPal accounts, and account takeovers.


This is the latest page of the thread with the hijacked accounts / “Account Take-Overs”, (translated) see for yourselves just what is happening.

Again, MANY, MANY of these accounts are from the USA, but there are many victims, WorldWide!

Visit these sites for the TRUTH.

The Nekkid Truth

The Auction Guild

You can also visit my other blog

Please view my other videos @ youtube for more Web 2.0 based ebay and paypal scandal related news and edutainment/infotainment.

Be sure to visit those links to the German security forums & see for yourselves.

BTW, if anyone is unsure about clicking TinyURLs, all you need do is copy it, go to their site, and find out where the link goes to.

These links are going to the ebaY Germany Sicherheit (Security) Forums through Google Translate, part of Google Language Tools

so they are very long, long enough to “break” anyplace they are put

Edit: Adding png images of the threads and screencaps of compromised accounts, as they are long since deleted by ebay.

(if image fails to load, look here: paypalsrupfq0 )

UPDATE 07-29-07
Nearly all traces of the infamous “Gephishte Accounts die eBay nicht interessieren” thread are now gone.
They have been archived as png images:
Seite 1

(original file loocation was )

–> Keep deleting them, we’ll keep reposting ! LOL!

Seite 2

Seite 3

Also, the follow-up thread “Gephishte Accounts die eBay nicht interessieren *zensiert*” has been likewise archived:

German language

English translation

(the embedded youtube video you see in the German language screencap is from FireFox browser  Greasemonkey extension VideoEmbed Script)

*Thanks to for free photo hosting

**Thanks to for free image hosting

April 2010…

People reading this should be aware this hacking, hijacking and uncorreceted critical security flaws situation has carried right on through since February 2007.  Not only that, but the site is even worse now than it ever has been for various reasons. You can visit my youtube channel check the main page and archives here for proof.