As I followed up a tad on a video I made, and the aftermath, I noticed that ebay seller/ recent hijack victim, of hijacker email addy hacker;


is now NARU.

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Also, notice there is suddenly now no Google result from The Nekkid Truth for now. But there were when I made the video, as you can clearly see in the video.

My original files of that video are very high resolution, and large size. They leave absolutely no room for questions.

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(Margomix was featured in a consumer awareness related video as the seller/victim)

ebaY HACKED! RAMPANT HIJACKINGS~ bobshop654 hijacks margomix

Furthermore, a quick google for margomix shows curious results.

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Not a peep about ebay anywhere I could see.

I had to search margomix ebay to find anything at all.

But…ooops….nothing there? No margomix + ebay? They were JUST selling things on ebay … DUH !!!


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Because, when I searched EARLIER, at, 2007-04-24, 15_31_27

(That is approximately 3:31:27 PM, Pacific time, yesterday…)

this is what I found there…

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I have every bit of this stuff saved. It shows, once more, a clear and continuing pattern of…

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Is this the ebay cover-up machine, attempting to cover-up some [more] fraud?

That is why I have made even more videos, and shall continue to do so.

I have a few on backlog right now.

(Looks like I will be making yet another one now)

The hijacked sellers in my more recent essais are bigger sellers that margomix.

Will they disappear, or begin to disappear too?

I sure would like to hear from margomix, to see what happened from her (his?)

Anyways, there are sooo many scams on ebay, one guy could not possibly make vids about all of them, but I bet I can make 3-4 each and every day.

I just had a thought, maybe ebaY should try living up to there own so-called core values.

ahh, nevermind, I am having too much fun.

Last evening, I uploaded this while the auctions were still running.

I would like to ask readers along if they would show their support (or disapproval) by signing up @ youtube, rating, commenting, subscribing etc.

ebaY Hacked! Ride of the Valkyries