First off, this past weekend was a massacre on ebay. Obviously someone was asleep at the wheel or “something“! address was used to hijack gold powerseller beddingcloseouts of Ebay store “Bedding Closouts” and more. Absolute carnage!

Read a bit more here and see the documentary videos.


Moving on, the ” Sammelliste für gehackte Accounts (Take Over/Hijacked) und verdächtige Nullaccounts mit hochwertiger Ware.” thread where the hacked and hijacked accounts and listings worldwide are being exposed at breakneck rate, in the ebay Germany Sicherheit forum still grows daily. *Here are a couple more fresh made screencaps of the end of it. On the 233rd page now. Translated to Englisch with Google Language Tools, right here

Oh, I believe I did mention Torture, eh?

Here is another repeat hijacker address, First.Power.Sells@gmail , being used, and preserved as an audio/visual/digital document. Again, that is

Also in this video “ebaY HACKED ! ~ dwood10s V First.Power.Sells AT

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ebaY Hacked! dwood10s V First.Power.Sel ls gmail Part 2

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