Rather than repair IT’s own website and get some real security and common sense policies in place, ebay tries to blame the entire nation of Romania.

First it was Yahoo and Microsoft. Then I believe Gmail came under fire.

Now suddenly, the ENTIRE NATION of Romania is at fault for ebaY lax policy, poor web design, and lack of any real security? (other than IT’s blindfolded community? )

Unbelievable. As is parts of this report. In particular, this part:

eBay’s Henley said “hundreds” of internet fraudsters had been arrested since the company had put its operation into play with Romanian law enforcement.

Has anyone out there seen the first independent report of that? Last I saw, they were on a Hacker hunt, but did not catch anyone. There would have been wall to wall coverage if they had, even if they had piecemeal.

Funny, because I have over 65 examples of ebay being hacked over and over again on youtube.

I muse that maybe the hackers should make a guest appearance on ebay community forums again to tell us all how they feel.

Now that was entertainment, eh?

The root of the problem is lackwit ebay, not Romania or Romanians.

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