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Billion Dollar Class Action Lawsuit Filed Again Ebay For Allegedly Shortchanging Its Sellers

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Ebay For “unlawful, unfair, fraudulent and unconscionable tactics”. The lawsuit alleges that Ebay claims that auctions will begin when an item is submitted. However, in reality, the lawsuit alleges that auctions do not fully begin when the an item is submitted. Thus, the lawsuit alleges that customers pay for more auction time then they actually get. The lawsuit alleges that Ebay violated a number of laws, including the California Auction Act by making misrepresentations in conducting its auctioneering business. The lawsuit seeks a number of remedies, including a “$1,000 per Class member civil penalty”, which comes out to over 1 billion dollars in damages if one does the math. –that’s a lot, even for Ebay.

The lawsuit (Ewert v. Ebay, 2007-cv-2198) was filed in the Northern District of California, San Jose Division. A copy of the complaint is available here, (PDF)

Well, now this all strikes as funny for one reason; The hackers are getting through just fine. I have more than one consumer awareness video posted at youtube, wherein wee see hijacked listings showing within minutes of being submitted. One example is for sure documented in a slide show, and a video both.

I do not have the time to go through all the vids right now, but here is another one which comes to mind as showing listings appear almost instantly. Of course, there was much more to that episode.

At any rate, I suspect there may be hard times ahead for ebay, as the number of various lawsuits for all manner of reasons rises, it will also embolden others to do likewise.

…And rightfully so.

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