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Safari exploit gives hackers full control over iPhones and possibly PCs and Macs


Here is the meat and potatoes:
“Researchers at Independent Security Evaluators have used the vulnerability to take malicious control of the iPhone from rogue websites loaded with the exploit. Once in, researchers have full administrative access over the phone allowing them to listen in on room audio or snatch the SMS log, address book, call history, email passwords and more — we’re talking full access to your phone. “


Here is a proof of concept video from & youtube member iseiphone :


Exploiting the iPhone




Demonstration of an iPhone exploit developed by the software security group at Independent Security Evaluators.

These people should be congratulated. Knowing that they could have sold the exploit to the highest bidder or anything of that nature, and yet choosing to make the info freely and openly available to the public at large seems the very best thing for all concerned, especially the consumer.



So just another thing to keep in mind when choosing cell phones. Going back to the article for a second, I see the comment which sums it up best;

“Actually the only way to stay safe is to stay away from that iTurd of a cell phone.”


Nuff said!


For a look at some of the hijacked ebay accounts featuring bogus Apple iPhone listings, see here.


Also, one of the Cappnonymous consumer awareness videos at youtube seems to have gotten linked to somewhere, as a flurry of ratings and comments have come in today. Here it is, should you want to see it yourself or add your own comment.


ebaY Hacked Live! kcrunchymunch APPLE iPHONE bogus auction

Edit/Update. That video was removed from youtube on November 2, 2007, for alleged copyright claims by a 3rd party.

Those wishing to view the original video, comments and description posted on youtube can find it right here

Just a further little note here, ebay seems to love to TRY & make all this disappear, see here for another example of something related to iPhones, ebay, & concealment/censorship of evidence of fraud and consumer risk which nearly hit the “memory hole too.


There are even more iphone/hacked ebay account listings over there.