Paypal users at risk.

Sleazebay-Preypal Spokesperson Bagdad Bob

PayPal data stealing trojan and IcePack malware installer

PayRob.A is a Trojan designed to steal data from PayPal accounts. Like most Trojans, PayRob.A cannot spread by itself, but needs intervention from a malicious user to reach computers.

If the targeted user runs the file carrying PayRob.A, it gives itself hidden file attributes and modifies the Windows Registry to ensure it is run whenever the system is restarted.

The Trojan creates two files on the infected computer in the temporary Internet files folder and in C:\WINDOWS\MSAPPS\. If the latter folder is not found on the system, an error message is displayed.

It also copies a file called modeexpinovo.txt to the temporary Internet files folder. This text file stores all of the PayPal passwords that it finds on the affected system. This file can be accessed remotely by hackers from a certain Internet host. (continues)

Here is the overview from Pandasoftware.

This apparently is a new discovery. I find no mention of how long the exploit is thought to have been in the wild. All along we have seen reports mysterious & unusual PayPal related activity of all sorts, like this for instance. Further, who could forget the compromised accounts and clear evidence of massive leaks we saw on the Sicherheit forum recently. (before ebay attempted to make it all disappear) English translation page here     (the embedded youtube video you see in the German language screencap is from FireFox   browser  Greasemonkey extension VideoEmbed Script)

To be completely safe from things like this, the answer is obvious:

Avoid Paypal like the plague. Close your accounts, be sure to check with your banker and credit card issuer to secure your bank & credit card accounts. (Then find yourself a safe , reliable & honest payment service.)

I can guarantee one thing; when your account gets compromised, & your bank account gets cleaned out and/or your ID stolen, PayPal will wash IT’s hands and leave you in the cold.

Remember, PayPal has a HORRIBLE record when it come to the safety of it’s users, responsible disclosure, and user data leaks

True to form, rather than correct their problems, they try to bury them. In fact, let’s just wait and see how hard they try to bury this news.