ebay Hacked! Attack of the 1335 Apple iPhones wareagie

Anyone out there still believe ebay is NOT hacked?

Anyone out there still believe ebay is safe, honest, or trustworthy?

Here is yet another hack attack of immense proportions. 1335 iPhones, all listed with in a matter of a couple minutes or so.
Meet the seller/victim
Seller: wareagie (34)
Feedback: 97.2% Positive
Member: since Aug-28-00 in United States

Meet the hacker’s email address:

Here is just one listing details:
20 – 8GB Apple iPhone- Brand New- Never Used
Item number: 300147916089
Starting time: Sep-03-07 16:34:50 PDT
Starting bid: US $1.00
Duration: 1-day listing

Further documentation of the ongoing massive hack attack upon ebay.
I have screencaps to further document this sad event.




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Also be sure to see the Cappnonymous youtube channel for more shocking documentation of hacker pwnage of ebay. Be sure to expand the descriptions and follow suggested links.

The videos document a clear and consise pattern of troubles, pointing all the way back to the first Vladuz incidents.

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And then, folks…

Boycott ebaY and PayPal

Lastly, I am looking for some input with a new Boycott ebay and Paypal vid.

Please have a look and consider leaving your thoughts and suggestions.

It should be readily apparent to the most casual observers that ebay is not safe, not trustworthy, nor honest, nor will they ever be.

Better is time and money spent “Elsewhere”

Here is a really good example of what I mean. Follow the links back to the yahoo finance ebay message board and see how what appears to be a group of paid shills constantly harass, use “copycat” or look-alike” IDs to deride, belittle, indeed even threaten anyone who dares speak ill of the almighty ebay.

Looks like that may be against the law, it most certainly is sleazy.

We just saw a prime example of such similar activity.

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