These data are used to send users a fake “second-chance offer” to get money out of them.

German consumer protection site reports that fraudsters have found a new trick (German text with screen shots) to cheat eBay users by exploiting functionality of the eBay API to gain access to customer data in the eBay database. The eBay API is available to sellers and external service providers and the members’ names must be known to be able to use them.

Translated article from right here

Be sure to visit the link, for complete screen captures and report

If you follow the links in that report, or directly above, the translation link, you will find this nice little quote:

“One accesses directly the eBay data base, because even data of member accounts freshly put on are immediately observable. Tests show that also the members of the eBay management are not protected before the data selection:”

Well.. well… this all has a very familiar ring to it, yes?

Perfect time to point everyone back to last year when the überhacker Vladuz incidents first began.

The so-called “SCO Helper” with the infamous screencaps.

More on that here, and also here, further here

Then follow the trail all the way forward through time.

Ebay is HACKED! Eaten alive from the inside out.

The worms of this apple are feasting. For how much longer until it is nothing but a rotten core filled with writhing maggots?

Allthewhile management denies they have problems?

Meanwhile, each & every person whom visits the site or attempts to conduct any business there is at risk

There have been too many curious events occurring upon ebay for any reasonable person to believe other than the hackers have fee run of the entire inner workings. Regardless of what they say. As we have seen, the ebay record for honesty and truthfullness is dismal at best. As is their record for fair play.

I myself have documented at least 3 cases now of hijacked accounts wherein the accounts became NARU, and the hackers KEPT on listing. Including one episode, documented (sarcastically) on live video even, where the hacker actually somehow resurrected the account then came back from being NARU to continue listing fake items.

Looking around a bit, I see that , or similar events have been reported a few times now. Yet consumers are not being made aware of the troubles, nor are the problems being corrected. They are getting worse and worse.

Boycott ebaY & paypal!

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