Update: 09-2-2007 =/- 16:30 PDT.

More Hacking kits found on ebay…

Online auction site, eBay, is unwittingly selling software that is used to hack eBay user accounts and steal personal information, according to research from online security experts PC Tools.

A number of software items for sale on the worlds leading online auction site contain a variety of programs including keyloggers, trojans and other malware making devices that are aimed at helping users hack computers, websites and even individual user accounts.

Despite eBays excellent reputation for ensuring that it protects both consumer safety and privacy, its almost impossible to police every item, said Mike Greene, VP Product Strategy at online security experts PC Tools.

I am certain that the sale of this sort of software on eBay comes as a surprise to most, but the success eBay has also meant that the worlds leading online auction site can also attract the wrong kind of attention, said Greene.

It is ironic that something intended ultimately to steal a consumers identification and financial information is being sold via what is one of the worlds number one targets for the ID theft, said Greene.

continues, with url of now invalid listing.

screen capture of the invalid item page, 640 pixels wide.

Click here for a full sized view

Following a search for the exact terms found in the article,


I quickly located a listing with that exact title.

Here I have a screen capture of what appears most likely to be an identical item for sale

For a full-sized view, click here.

Here is the screencap of that search, in 640 width

For a full sized view, click here

Note a couple of the hilarities such as payment via Paypal and the Square Trade seal.

The seller’s feedback is 100%, so he/she must have some very happy buyers.

Further, whoever wrote that article seems to be a bit out of touch with the sad facts.


09-19-2007 +/- 19:30 PDT

I have located what appears to be the original listing mentioned in the article in Google cache. Here 360 pixels wide. remove _360 to see it full size.

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