This could have been a follow-up to the last thing I posted here, but it is an entirely different incident, report, and item, thus deserving it’s own post.

Reported now today in

Hacker training sold on eBay
Development is further evidence of e-crime becoming mainstream
Tom Young, Computing 20 Sep 2007

“Hacker toolkits that used to be available only on hidden forums are now for sale on eBay, according to security vendor Tier-3.”

The article goes on to state:

‘High level hacking tools, including surreptitious trojan loaders and Web site hacking utilities, are being put into the hands of almost any internet user,’ he said.

We also see a response from ebay:

“We are satisfied that the presence of such an item on the US site is not commonplace, as although we have 100m listings live on the site globally at any one time, we are very effective at removing prohibiting items, often before the listing ends and any sale is completed,” said eBay in a statement.”

Please note that as of the time of this posting, the item linked in the original article and shown below is live. Apparently ebay does not mind these types of things being offered for sale on IT’s site.

I can only imagine what may happen when we have dozens if not hundreds of jimmy.cry90 s and or jimmy.cry@gmail s running around.


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