This post is with regards to the Video, mentioned in this post title.

As we all know by now, the video was removed for alleged “Terms of Use” violations. What that violation may have been is completely unclear, since I have not received any communication from youtube whatsoever regarding the removal.

EDIT / UPDATE 09-29-20067 + /- 06:10 PTD.

The words “Rejected (content inappropriate)” have now appeared on the “My Account/ Videos page at youtube, for that video.

I have also added a link to a screen capture of the incorrect info I find still this morning, & I seek to have corrected/ amended

End edit


The video was posted purely and solely in the interest and the furtherance of what I feel are very important consumer awareness safety issues.

The video and the comments are still both available (upon request) for those wishing to view them. Leave comment below.

Just a note also, you will see where I purposefully zoomed OUT on text which would have revealed any sensitive portions of the shown parts of the postings. You will also notice I neglected to scroll down in the postings, where the bulk of the info was. I took pains to be sure. I did see where an email address was visible briefly in it’s entirety. To that person I apologize. It was early in the morning, and a vile red liquid coursed through my caffeine stream, causing perhaps slowed reactions.

A visit to my video channel at youtube should be enough to convince most folks that that is quite the case.

However, I have been finding more than one place where it is being, or has been mentioned that the hacker posted that video. That is wholly incorrect.

The first encounter was at the very popular AuctionBytes Blog article dealing with the incident, and a very respected member of the ebay community first mentions it there. I did attempt rebuttal immediately upon seeing that comment.

I feel my point was taken, as I have not seen that person make further such comments. Doubtful he/she is reading this, but I would like to point out these video titles to that person, and all the readers here.

Consumer Alert! Paypal Data Leaks! Compromised Accounts

Safety Alert! ~ ebaY Hacked ~ The List ~ Part 2

How do u report large numbers of compromised eBay accounts?

(this video was originally titled: Safety Alert! ~ ebaY Hacked ~ The List ~ Part 2 Soundie Version, or very similar)

Furthermore, to state that I hold no grudge for the mis-identification, and when the person responded in that discussion they did so civilly and respectfully, without insults or derision. Thank you.

Now, granted, an abundance of the Cappnonymous consumer awareness video do include in the title “Ebay Hacked” a fact has received hateful sneering comments in some quarters, most notably in discussions on the company sponsored boards at ebay. No surprise. My point; What should they be titled as?

Is there really still anyone left who STILL denies that ebaY is HACKED!?

Please go take a brief trip back though time, start at The site around last October to November, and work your way forward.

But I digress. Now, following links on digg,com, I located at least 2 articles which appeared to be assuming the legendary hacker, Vladuz had posted the video. One site, I now see has corrected the error. Thank You.

However, there is still a site upon which the blatant, incorrect, false information is still posted.

That site is :

The article is : Mystery eBay ‘hack’ exposes 1,200 accounts, possibly more

Where it is written:

‘ That done, the hacker posted a video of his exploits on YouTube to celebrate his “achievement” ‘

This information has been “on the air” now for 2 days. I finally responded last night in a discussion at

Allow me to re-iterate one more time…

“Everyone just stroll over to my blog and my youtubetube channel and decide for yourselves.
Cappnonymous, and that name is synonymous with consumer awareness issues!”

Let me go further a bit to state the only achievement I sought was rapid and effective consumer awareness of a massive, uncorrected problems, on a website fraught with troubles.

And Furthermore the odds are, hacker Vladuz was busy hacking. He had not time for making videos and posting them. I was busy making videos. I had no time to do any HACKING. To the best of my knowledge, Vladuz has better things to be doing than posting videos to youtube, nor have I seen or heard of any purported to be created by him.

I am asking the author of that article to conduct some research and at least add the word “alleged” (unless he/she has some solid evidence. in which case they should post such)

That being said, if there were a shred of proof that Cappnonymous ever hacked anything, I feel fairly certain I would not be here, on a Friday night having to defend my fine reputation against an unfounded and baseless, non-factual assumption, or bit of repeated misinformation or speculation.

I feel confident that anyone investigating the issue of the ebay USA Trust & Safety board massive hack attack & CC info / CI data breach dump on the morning of 09-25-2007 would have looked into who made those videos by now, and whether there were any connection, other than to preserve the event and present it to the public as a Web 2.0 based, factual, documentary audio-visual safety alert, upon a venue where it was most beneficial and accessible to the potential victims.

September 25th, 2007 was very sad day for ebay users. That has compounded exponentialized since by a wave tsunami of denial, falsehoods, and censorship on the part of ebay, IMO.

I contend that far more harm was done by the responses and actions of ebay than being forthright and honest.

Nuff said!

Now here is a video which does not include the words “Ebay HACKED”

Of course, I did not create video, but I feel folks reading here may want to view it. I encourage readers/ viewers to visit the youtube page, where you can comment, rate, and/or subscribe.

The Ruination of ebay

by crazeenydriver AKA Joe



Note: this post has been edited to dis-include deprecated links. All the original materials (including the hack attack video, and screencaptures of the comments) are still available upon request.