Looks like Commiebay may have tried their hand at censorship again!As we all know, the trojan.bayrob first reared it’s ugly head around last February or March, around the same time the ongoing massive worldwide hijackings and hack attacks also started and when many of us first became familiar with the name Vladuz.Now it appears to have evolved/been updated by the crafty hackers, and has claimed recent victims to the tune of thousands of dollars.

Note that the identical listing has been used time & again! ebay does not even have the common sense or abilty to keep the same scam out once reported!


The trojan is reported to change host file, redirect users to fake ebay and automotive fact check, & escrow related pages. The trojan is also reported to be able to infect your machine simply by viewing the fake listings on the site.

At present, the malware is not detectable until after you have been scammed according to reports

As usual, ebay disavows any responsibility. Reason enough to avoid the site completely.

Again, ebay could defeat this threat in one fell swoop, simply by disallowing active scripting in the user-supplied content of the auction listings, and by using a text only, sans-link email format.

I would not be surprised to learn they get a cut of each & every scam, beacuse if they did not or if it was costing them, they would fix the problem. Follow the money.

Okay, moving on now, I was getting ready to post this the other day on November 14, having spotted an educational video on youtube, uploaded by youtube member “SymcSecurityResponse”

However, when I went back to the video just a short time later, I could have sworn I saw the words “no longer available due to a third party copyright claim” or words to that effect.

About a day later I went back to that url to find that now it is “This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender’s friend request.”

I do find another video, similar in content tio the previous vid by the same youtuber, but this version has all the ebay logos blacked out.

So my guess is that the long, slimey, scaly tentacle of a dangerous & sleazy online auction giant reached out and tried to intimidate a large, well known and respected security firm, and that that security firm was forced to black out those logos, & remove or otherwise make unavailable the original version, and the important consumer awareness info it contained.

Please be aware there have been a number of curious disappearances of proof of ebay & Paypal fraud & hacking related videos, articles, etc. Time & time again!

Not to mention the threats & intimidation some have faced when they posted such info..

Make no mistake: The bayrob.trojan targets ebay only! This threat is NOT found on any other online auction site, nor have there been any reports found alleging this to be on any other online venue anywhere to the best of my knowledge, to date.

Do you trust any outfit that would rather try to hide the facts instead of cleaning up IT’s own act ?

Also consider this. We have all read the reports and the threat. Ebay is not covering the THOUSANDS of dollars lost by these innocent & trusting consumers who got shafted then disrespected, despite the much vaunted claims of “Protection up to $20,000

Keep in mind, ebay probably makes those thousand$ in a matter of milliseconds. The execs have all been very busy cashing in MILLION$ in stock options. You think they could spare about an hour’s worth of interest to pay those poor victims back? (I think it would be funny, fitting & proper if someone TOOK their money back, using any methods they needed to. No holds barred.)

I guess sleazebay was too busy paying to have Santa Claus kidnapped & tortured to notice those folks, eh?

What part of those 5 core community values does all that reflect?

My guess is that must be the “We encourage you to treat others the way you want to be treated”

Can you feel the love?

Anyway, here is the censored version of the video. I will add one thing: To avoid being taken by this and many , many other scams, simply avoid ebay. Pretty obvious, eh?

The Trojan.Bayrob Scam

Here is the Symantec Blog article associated with that video, complete with extensive screenshots. (the ebay logos are blacked out there too.)

But we find this portion, wherein not a single other online auction site is mentioned:


[1] The Trojan is dynamically configured from the control servers. To date we have observed the Trojan intercepting traffic for the following sites; however, be aware of the fact that this list can be updated by the controllers at any time:
• my.ebay.com
• cgi.ebay.com
• offer.ebay.com
• feedback.ebay.com
• motors.search.ebay.com
• search.ebay.com
• us.ebayobjects.com
• pages.ebay.com
• pages.motors.ebay.com
• wwwapps.ups.com
• motors.listings.ebay.com
• cgi1.ebay.com
• escrow.com
• my.escrow.com
• ecart.escrow.com