New study released by Symantec has some not too surprising results.

Employees who lost or left a job in 2008, which revealed 59 percent of ex-employees admit to stealing confidential company information, such as customer contact lists.
Further findings;

— 53 percent of respondents downloaded information onto a CD or DVD, 42 percent onto a USB drive and 38 percent sent attachments to a personal e-mail account.
— 79 percent of respondents took data without an employer’s permission.
— 82 percent of respondents said their employers did not perform an audit or review of paper or electronic documents before the respondent left his/her job.
— 24 percent of respondents had access to their employer’s computer system or network after their departure from the company.

As this relates to ebay and PayPal, well there was that ugly little incident around March last year. It appeared to me that folks at Youtube and ebay forums were trying very hard to keep that info from becoming known, as any comments about it at youtube were instantly marked as spam,  and/or comments at ebay forums were met with the usual denials by the very same hardcore,  tired old group of suspected “paid word of mouth advertisers”, AKA shills on the Paypal forum.

If you visit this video and expand the (more info) area, you will see more screencaptures and links with some pretty strong evidence that hackers, phishers, scammers etc are only some of the things you need to be concerned about when using the Paypal service. Not to mention the fact that there very likely is a network to help cover-up all the misdeeds and misbehavior. Weasels in, and/or in charge of the henhouse?