Redux – THE END of eBay (2009)

Learn the REAL TRUTH about ebay

Excellent paper/blog post by Richard Bilderberg.

This appears to be a follow-up to THE RISE AND FALL OF THE eBay REICH.
If you have not read that yet, please download and read it.

This is a long, in-depth article, well written and researched. Much like it’s predecessor, it should be considered a MUST READ for all ebay users or prospective ebay users.

Since this is so lengthy,  nor am I trying to steal anyone’s thunder, I shall post here only the very first couple paragraphs:

The Community is made up of members, buyers and sellers, as well as staff.

You’ll find that respect and communication are the cornerstones of a dynamic Community.

The Community is guided by the following five fundamental values:

We believe people are basically good.

We believe everyone has something to contribute.

We believe that an honest, open environment can bring out the best in people.

We recognize and respect everyone as a unique individual.

We encourage you to treat others the way you want to be treated.

eBay is firmly committed to these principles. And we believe that community members should also honor them—whether buying, selling, or chatting with eBay friends.”

From Joseph Goebbels’ Speech on Adolf Hitler’s 49th Birthday (April 1938):

“The Fuehrer has probably never had so many happy people gathered about him for his birthday as in this year. […]And beyond our borders, millions upon millions of our ethnic clan join with the citizens of the Reich in a unique affirmation of loyalty, connectedness and faithful attachment. The highest form of joy there is on this earth is to make other people happy. Who has had this joy in fuller measure than the Fuehrer himself. I truly believe in the goodness in everyone, a fruitful environment, shared values where the individual strives and grows, within a great community.”

Now for the comedy part. LOL! As I looked for the exact URL of this Redux article, I got only one search result. That was on the ebaY Community Forums of all places. Thread title: “Meg Whitman on Business Culture”  But not surprisingly, the thread had been deleted even though it appeared to contain no violations, as I was lucky enough to find the cached page. Here that is preserved as a png document should anyone care to read that themselves.

The PINK – is Posting Board slang for eBay employees who are readily identified by their PINK banner. They have unlimited power to make decisions and never have to justify them. PINK also stands for 'Powerful Individual with No Klue'.

Every time we see something like the above screencaptures illustrate, it adds even more weight to papers such as Redux – THE END of eBay (2009)

Boycott ebaY & PayPal!