The World’s Biggest Online Crime Ring and Counterfeit Capital of the World again shows their hypocritical nature and demonstrates the fact that they seem to believe they are above the law.

In the article regarding the efencing and  Organized Retail Crime bills now in Congress,  and a Dog and Pony Show-like PR stunt they pulled in our nation’s Capitol,  at the computerworld site:

…It’s unfair to “focus the legislative regime completely purely on the back end,”…

The problem is that ebay profits from both ends. They do little to nothing to ensure goods on their site are not stolen, or even register the user. Even Paypal user agreements offers NO Guarantee of the true ID of your trading partner(s)

It is a well known fact that they depend almost solely on their “community”,  yet ignore the reports, even have been know to stonewall  law enforcement.

As long as ebaY is deriving profits, they are in fact and in practice a partner in crime. Strike that, ebay is an enabler and the hub of crime, THE major player in a massive,  worldwide continuing criminal enterprise. A pimp, a fence, a gangster, a shiny shoed, silvery-tongued thug.

As we all know, ebay fuels a huge illegal industry, anywhere in the neighborhood of $30-35 Billion per year. All consumers are suffering due to this.

What does ebaY do with their share of all the dirty money? I know I cannot be the only one wondering.

On any given day there is report after report after report of stolen, counterfeit, fenced goods etc. A couple notable recent events were the dodo_6666 copy ink efence affair and the ebay LEGO Dr. Phil Show Bandits

There has never been a situation which cried out for regulation as much as this one does. For ebay to even dream of resisting this is a complete, and very telling farce.

Please contact your legislators and insist that these bills get passed. Again, it is time for the laws to catch up with the 21st century. The general public would not allow this outrageous level of crime to be supported/profited from by any pawn shop, flea market, rummage sale etc. Why should we allow it in cyberspace? IT is high time to rein these clowns in and make them accountable for the situation they have helped to create by virtue of their very own inactions and irresponsibility.