Come to think of IT…

Not too shocking video report of a website selling ebay and paypal accounts.

This is not the first time things such as this have been found.  I also found one which sells “free stolen paypal accounts”

So let this serve as a lesson;

No matter what the feedback, no matter how long a seller or buyer has been registered, no matter the ebaY or paypal protection banner…

None of that means a single thing. The entire ebay paypal universe is supersaturated with fraud.

From the very top of the executive level to the bottom fences, thieves and flunkies whom stock the site with their wares.

Everything that can be gamed, is being gamed.

Is Troydes Selling eBay & PayPal Accounts Legal?

This video is from the ebaydirtylaundry channel on youtube. Please go there. rate, comment, subscribe.

Edit: It seems that Doc removed this video. If you contact him he will probably repost it somewhere for you. If not, leave comment below and I can provide it, from the Cappnonymous archives, under ‘fair rights’ use. There is more info about this subject here.

This channel appears to be operated by Doc of –  a great consumer advocate who has educated and  saved would-be scam victims untold amounts of money and undue grief, as well as having exposed and documented a great deal of fraud on ebay, ebaymotors, and paypal.

Truly, no one else out there even comes close to Doc’s level.

I should mention that there is also an ebaymotorssucks channel on youtube as well. It’s been there quite some time, but now Doc is geared up with some new screenrecording sw. and is now taking consumer awareness education/infotainment/edutainment to Web 2.0.* in a major way.

One last thing I want to convey;

This is neither designed or intended to be advertising for the site selling the accounts. I urge and advise folks to NOT visit the site(s) and NOT to conduct business there.

If you must use ebay and paypal, register your own legit account(s) and follow the rules (which truthfully, I do NOT recommend either, all things given)