It would appear that California gubernatorial candidate and retired ebaY CEO Meg Whitman has been caught using a former ebaY member and non-California resident, without her knowledge or consent, in her latest TV campaign ad.

From an Auctionbytes reader:

Imagine my surprise to see ME in Meg’s commercial! I’m in AZ – a small eBay seller who did like Meg when she ran eBay, but I didn’t give permission to be in her ad, nor will I be voting in CA! (I’m the one in the eBay tiara.)”

There are photos and comments there as well.

The individual can be seen at about 43 seconds into the video.

Ms Whitman has been having some struggles with issues ranging from not voting for quite a number of years to being accused of trying to take over the airwaves and in effect buy the election and much more.

This video is part of the MegFail Playlist on youtube