On March 25th, 2010, a hacker was able to place over 52 thousand fake item listings in rapid succession (bot-driven hack attack) on the ebay site.

What’s unusual this time is that industry leader auctionbytes.com covered it, and it also got a blurb on USA today.

And a humble youtube contribution by yours truly. You’ll notice I captured/documented an additional victim and some other curiosities regarding suspicious links in the listings which led to phake sign-in pages etc

Of course I was compelled to criticise, as this is far from the first such episode.

You will notice by the date that one was created/posted,  ebaY has truly been under a (uncorrected/unresolved) hack attack for literally years!

I have an entire channel documenting these events.

This is all valid criticism of the leadership and of issues which have become perrenial at ebaY, and which have placed untold numbers of consumers at risk of fraud, ID theft etc .