Consumerist has a hilarious ebaY related article.

Scammers and/or hackers have set up fake ebaY customer service chat sites. They almost seem to be better than the real thing.

Reading the actual chat transcript it also would seem the scammer-hackers have some way into various parts of ebaY not accessible to the rest of us.  We’ve recently seen the hackers using ebaY APIs to authenticate ebaY logins, as seen in the redirect scam videos.

Furthermore, the real ebaY customer service reps have given very bad advice time and time again

However, as always, there is more to it. Recently Doc of captured a segment on live screenrecorded video concerning the same or very similar issue. He also uncovered quite a few bogus ebay live help and/or ebay livechat and associated  look-alike domain names.

Oh but wait! There’s even more!

That’s right! You see, has had an uncorrected xss flaw since at least October 2007.

No wonder ebaY hides the link for livehelp so well. roflmao!

So again, remember, the entire ebaY-Paypal universe is WRITHING and CRAWLING with pure FRAUD and should be avoided at all costs!

BTW, In case anyone was wondering, YES, the ‘real’ ebaY customer service is a robot, or bot:

I AM DONE WITH EBAY ~ Robots with fake names!