Captured live on video. ebaY sponsored ads go to, and

This video is part of the Alternate Online Auction Sites playlist on youtube.

From: Cappnonymous

I suppose a wish for good luck to those sites is in order, eh?

This is only one of a few different highly controversial issues with the ebaY site right now.

Other unpleasantries abound, such as the “open claims” policy, and what appears to  false advertising.

The big picture should be getting clear by now. Ebay is in some sad shape, and they don’t mind abusing whomever they can as they go down, nor cannibalism.

I wonder how long ’til the next major hack attack? rotflmao!

As a matter of full disclosure, I have absolutely no connection to either of those sites. I post this blog and videos in my spare time without any compensation or gratuities from anyone. I collect no ad revenue through this blog nor anywhere.