Surfing through youtube videos I spotted this revealing laugh from the past. I couldn’t help but notice it’s the perfect metaphor for ebaY / Meg Whitman failure. Not only is it for the defunct ebay express site, but it features all the things we know about ebay and Meg; ridiculous TV ads, cheap trinkets, pompousness, blatant daylight theft, illegal, dangerous, erratic behavior, wreckage, explosions, disaster… lmao …need I go on?

But the other part which struck was that ebaY’s current path began long ago, and has failed time and again.

Read these 2 ancient news articles:

October 9, 2001 4:05 PM PDT
eBay makes move for fixed-price future
March 22, 2002 1:10 PM PST
eBay’s integration hits snags

As you’ll clearly see, the ill-conceived notion to become Amazon was hatched during the Meg Whitman regime.

“Last month, eBay, which bought the fixed-price trading site in June 2000, backed off earlier plans to eliminate the site and rename it eBay Express Buys.”

As for the “Disruptive Innovation” which, under John Donahoe, is currently destroying ebaY/PayPal and causing it to become among the world’s most reviled corporations, that too was a creation and plan by none other than Meg Whitman.

See her mention Disruptive Innovation and tell us all that “Failure is Okay.” in the (embeddable) Meg Whitman Meg Fail video Playlist or directly; here.

Now I’m really laughing!