(this video is part of the Meg Fail embeddable playlist on youtube)

Now who could imagine? It seems as though Meg Whitman has been caught yet again issuing falsehoods.

As read in the article:   Meg Whitman’s stump speech bemoaning state regulations has a big hole at the mercurynews.com website,  without getting into the specifics and minutia here, gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman lied about some issues.

Apparently  in some attempt to rest upon her ebaY – PayPal laurels while slamming California municipal dealings and state commerce issues.  The title of this post alludes to a quote there by Sunnyvale Mayor Melinda Hamilton.

As you see and hear in the video, she stated the process took 2.5 years.

Yet from the article: A Mercury News review of documents at San Jose City Hall, however, clearly shows that the city processed eBay’s development application in record time and that fulfilling all the city’s requirements took just 11 months.

There seem to be other tales being told as well. It’s quite lulzy reading, so be sure and check that out.

I’m not so concerned with the political aspects, it’s the clear and continuing pattern of  behavior since her days at ebaY which I’m trying to point out here BTW.

Now with regards to other slip-ups which shall live on the internet forever, I want to recommend people to visit the negmeg2010.com site, where they will see that tight-fisted censorship, denial, and cover-up were the methods through which problems were dealt with at ebay during the monster Meg regime. Oh yes, threats and intimidation were also the rule of the day.

Also check out this shocking post on my other blog to see just how serious a lot of the incidents were.  Seeing is believing. ;p