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Amazing! It has happened again! Another epic Mega-blunder!

Latest Meg ad turns out to be false!

I’m wondering why a Meg would want to use a Democrat’s  statements to further their own agenda, let alone from someone who’s record for truthfulness is and shall be forever blemished?

Here are some of the pertinent details of the latest Meg Fail from the santacruzsentinel.com site:

Brooks Jackson, the former CNN reporter whose 1992 story on taxes under ex-Gov. Jerry Brown touched off a furor in this year’s governor’s race, acknowledged Saturday that he erred when he reported that taxes were higher at the end of Brown’s eight-year term than when he took office.

“Brown is right,” Jackson wrote in a post on FactCheck.org, an influential nonpartisan website that he now runs. “I made a mistake in my 1992 report.”

Calls are being made for Meggy to pull the ad, yet her campaign manager states they will not pull it.

Sterling Clifford, a spokesman for Brown, said “It’s astounding that anyone who wants to be taken seriously as a candidate for governor would cling so ridiculously to an obvious falsehood.”

Apparently he doesn’t understand that Meg and ebaY share one true talent. They both lie like a rug.

Update 09-14-2010:

Bill Clinton endorses Jerry Brown for Gov.