Why just get pwned once, when you can get pwned over and over and over? rotflmao!

In an article at sfgate.com, another former Meg housekeeper comes forward to say she believes  Nicky.

The lady worked for Meg in 1998, and does not appear to have had a pleasant time, nor any kind words for Meg and Griff Harsh.

“I totally believe Diaz”, Armstrong, 59, of Mountain View, said in an interview with The Chronicle. “I know the family. I know what it was like.”

But she described Whitman as “cheap” and said she was surprised when her boss at first balked at paying the agreed salary – arguing that Armstrong didn’t “deserve” it because she wasn’t yet working full-time as a nanny.

It appears that there were issues with getting paid and having proper tax forms issued too? Imagine that?

No word on whether Meg is going to blame Jerry Brown for this one too.

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