I’ll try to keep this short and lulzy.  (among so many reasons, and things already said)

1)  Meg lost because she is a cold-blooded monster. We all saw it show through, a few times at least. When she accused Nicky of intercepting her letter from the authorities, knowing full well they, the Whitman-Harsh’s, had received it. When she accused her opponent and Ms Gloria Allred of collusion, without a shred of direct evidence. When she refused to pull her negative attack ads and was booed by 14,000 women. When she wanted to have Nicky deported. I could go on and on.

2 )  Poser/non-voter/n00b Meg’s fake script  was no substitute for the real thing, much  like ebaY is the “Counterfeit Capital of the World”. She simply couldn’t roll with the punches where she could not control and manipulate everything. Those same sleazy tactics don’t work outside of ebaY. Also Meg’s campaign was reminiscent of the Skype deal where she didn’t bother looking at details, such as who was Governor 30 years ago. lol

3 )  A World Class Fool and $140+ million have been parted.

4 ) Meg garnered less even votes than the California proposition to legalize marijuana/cannabis.  (Meg Whitman 3,102,646 votes.  Total for legal marijuana: 3,424,145)  Hilarious!

5 ) People love old hippies, their heritage and longstanding culture.

Thank you California. Smoke ’em if ya got ’em. ;p