I see that paypal.uk had their twitter account taken over, defaced and anti-paypal messages posted.

Hacking Paypal: The finest in optional entertainment! ;p image by huffingtonpost.com

Beyond all doubt, this is ownage. Severe ownage! It’s been quite the LoLzstorm!

The hacker has been described as a disgruntled paypal user, although not named anywhere I saw.

In the recent tsunami wave of high-profile hacking and proliferation of various hacking groups, I don’t see any individual or entity coming forward to take credit. Of course, Anonymous means different things to different people I suppose. ;p

The message which I’m receiving though, is that if Paypal can’t keep their twitter account secure, can you really trust them with your money, possibly your livelihood?

The fact also remains that the hacker has valid criticisms. Paypal (as well as parent company ebaY) has been making changes to their user agreement which boggle the mind. One hundred and seventy-four changes since June 2009. Some of the recent ones include provisions for unchecked payment holds for all users, and that the reasons for such holds do not even need to be disclosed to the victim/consumer. Ultra-Hyper- Kafkaesque to say the least.

Paypal is known to make all their profits on the ‘float’ thus giving them every reason to seize for the vaguest (if any) pretext, and hold onto funds as long as possible.

They need to be seriously looked at and regulated like a bank. The sheer amount of funds processed, number of complaints, nature of complaints etc along with the obvious abuse of power and consumer trust demands it

Paypal is also widely known for shoddy customer service, poor security, dishonesty, ‘glitches’, facilitation of fraud… too many things to go into here. The point is that sites like paypalsucks.com and numerous other anti-Paypal blogs, sites, videos, not to mention lawsuits, etc do not exist because paypal is all that and a bag of chips. I also have another blog, a video channel and a news forum documenting many more PayPal and ebaY issues should anyone care to peruse them. Links are right on the sidebar.

You can see the utter disdain of Paypal in comments, if not the titles of write-ups around the web.

Millions cheered this hack attack!

I see a lot of condemnation of the hacker, yet still I wonder why none of the larger publications and more well-known journalists aren’t looking into paypal’s many mal-practices?

At any rate I’m pretty sure that PP has a great deal of influence over such things being published. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn they expend more energy on various PR devices than they do on security and customer service.

I urge any and all readers here to close out your Paypal accounts now, before you too fall victim to this heinous outfit.

Anyone looking for the full sized version of the steaming pile of PayPal can get it here. . . ;p

Update: It’s been hacked again!