Oh my!

May be just a simple embarrassment to paypal, but it's a ri$k for you

While not too many people seem to be noticing, the fact is that @PayPalUK has been hacked yet again! You may notice their page is suspended. (again)

That makes for twice in one week! Full-sized screencaptures were made by Docklandsboy, also screencap and blog by blog.bailgate.it confirming.

You may notice the hacker states that usernames and passwords have been gleaned and will be dumped.

Do you really trust these paypal clowns, who can't even secure a twitter account with your money and info?

I don’t see anything resembling an official response from Paypal. But for anyone paying attention, covering up things like this (and much worse) are one of paypal’s special talents. Don’t expect them to make a peep about it unless this hits major publications.

Close your accounts now!

Update 07.10.2011

I’ve found something resembling an official statement at Huffingtonpost’s 7 top tweets of the week

The Twitter handle for PayPal’s U.K. branch was apparently hacked on Tuesday. For several house, the feed tweeted out links to an anti-PayPal website and featured highly critical statements about PayPal. The company confirmed the hack, and Twitter suspended the account the same day. As of Sunday evening, the feed remains offline.

It would seem that Paypal is going to try to skim over the second hack job.

Not surprising.  The truth to Paypal is much like  sunlight to a vampire.

Just in case you want to see it, here is a screencapture of paypal.uk twitter page on July 6th 2011 at around 5:36 AM Pacific time, USA, which as you can see from the comments, was after the first hack attack, and before the second one. So, NO, again, the account did not ‘remain offline’. It was hacked a second time!