The title says it all. After visiting a random blog post about this situation, I clicked on a link, which led to the myworld page for User ID andrewbrei, which in turn led to the feedback page, which is now suddenly ‘private‘.

When I first saw this report I searched for the user ID and got a screencapture of the feedback page to include in a CAPP forum post.

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ebay feedback profile for Andrew Breivik

Unless Breivik is able to log into ebay from his jail cell, It seems pretty clear that ebay made that feedback private. What could they be trying to hide?

It strikes me rather odd that ebay sells all sorts of crime supplies, for some very gruesome crimes now, (as noted in the CAPP forum post linked above) but then tries to cover it up or justify it with phrases such as “Just a Venue” etc

Meanwhile they want teenagers  engaged at the periphery of civil disobedience protests to get 15 yrs in prison.

That would also be aside the fact that they profit greatly from crime eg: efencing.

If things like that upset you, send ebay a message. Participate in OpPayPal & OpEbay. Close out your ebay and paypal accounts.