Those crafty devils at Paypal must have decided to team up with George Zimmerman and the cash raising potential he offers for them.

After we all heard the ‘whereabouts unknown’ statements from his former legal counsel at their press conference, one of my insider-snitches from San Jose clued me in.

PayPal is no slouch when it comes to public relations. If you recall, when their engineer got arrested for child molesting they used that opportunity to introduce the world to Al_CaponePal, their “Special Powers” money ‘protection service’ spokesman.

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George Zimmerman on Paypal's Front Page Spoof

Just a little update here… I see the former link I had to the msnbc news article concerning the Paypal engineer arrested for raping a 13 year old girl has mysteriously become a ‘404, page not found”

Hilarious! I’ve replaced that link with a live link to the report at Let’s see how long that lasts. For the screencaptured image of the 404’d msnbc article, look here.