Report from ecommercebytes shows ebay is beginning to allow the sale of gun parts. Also noteworthy; the ‘quietly’ part. They changed the policy without a peep on December 11, 2011.

eBay made no formal announcement about the policy reversal, and has only been gradually letting affected sellers know, with notifications going out at least as late as April.

They plan to go full bore gradually. This change comes several years after ebaY came under fire for the ammo magazines used by the Virginia Tech massacre killer.

It would seem to be little more than an attempt on ebaY’s part to increase wallet share as ebay declines.

Gun parts sellers would be very wise to visit the Technical Issues and Seller Central forums at ebaY for some Kentucky windage before they fire any celebratory shots in the air. Unless they are to celebrate broken search engines, rolling blackouts and limited visibility, lack of sales, micro-management, terrible customer service, paypal money holds, and/or being used as test dummies in some borked Cassini beta testing.

Gun ownership is a Constitutional right and a tradition in the USA. It’s something that’s not going away.

However, I have concerns. There have been an awful lot of comments and sentiments around the web lately that ebaY has… well bluntly, ebay has lost it’s mind. It’s really even difficult to discuss ebaY and it’s corporate behavior anymore without references to fiction, science fiction, whimsey and parody, and yes, Nightmare Horror!

We do know for a fact the ebaY world consists largely of fraud and greed. We wouldn’t want those 2 worlds, ebaY and guns/gun parts, to collide, recombine, and mutate, bearing in mind this is the same universe where you can shoot and kill someone and then use Paypal to get rich from it.