There sure is a lot of FUD regarding alleged Planet Nibiru and doomsday. Around the web you’ll see all sorts of dire predictions. Some have stated that the end will come as early as August 17th, clear to the day both Nostradamus and the Mayan Calender supposedly predict Apocalypse, December 21, 2012.

I notice that most of them are selling things or have Paypal donation buttons. I wonder why they need the money if the world is ending?

At any rate, if someone knows exactly when and where we can all see this alleged planet, brown dwarf or whatever, please chime in the comments.  By that I mean real coordinates, not lame video of lens flare which seemingly appear in all different places and times in the sky.

Here’s what NASA has to say on the issue. Are there any “real” scientists who can debunk NASA?

The Science of Doomsday 2012

Published on Mar 19, 2012 by

NASA Scientist David Morrison discusses the rumors of a doomsday in December 2012 and shows how these claims are not supported by science. This updates Morrison’s earlier videos “The Truth About 2012” and “The Truth about Nibiru“.  Another good discussion is in the JPL video “12-21-2012 Just Another Day“.