Ebay is changing it’s User Agreement so that the members are not allowed to file class action lawsuit? That’s plain crazy! I wonder what, other than the fear of more imminent  class action lawsuits, or too many “conversations” with the crackpipe brought this on?

There are other changes too. See ecommercebytes

Let me just break this down for you in easy to understand language:

Ebay is telling you that they are above the law and you will kowtow to their every whim. You will be obedient, compliant sheeple. You will not make any noise. You will bend over and allow ebaY’s wrinkled, festered, slimy, slithering money sucking proboscis to penetrate you in whatever orifice they desire, or all at once, until every last drop of blood and money is gone from your puckered, dried out sphincter. You will take the sadistic abuse and learn to love it!

Honestly, this is so far beyond the pale words can’t even describe it. Yes, I’m beginning to believe that life is imitating art. Zombies have eaten the brains of ebaY, and replaced them with with some corrupted Benito Mussolini brains in a jar, soaked in gasoline, LSD, and sprinkled with bath salts.

It’s highly doubtful the terms are legal. It’s right out of a gangster movie. Or should I say that ebaY has become a gangster movie?

As we’ve all seen with the Paypal money holds, which are controlled or prompted by admittedly faulty software, the Money Transmitter license terms violations they ignore,  they thumb their nose at the rule of law. They care nothing for your rights, your well-being. They have zero normal human decency.

I truly find it hard to believe who/whatever is making these policies/running ebaY is/are even bleeping human.

This terms of use change won’t affect scammers and/or folks selling stolen/counterfeit/grey market goods, those using fake and “stealth” accounts, tax cheats, … whatever.

Crooks and crooked people will agree to anything because they have to. Ebay will gladly shelter and profit from that element, as they’ve continually proven for years.

It’s not going to curb the abuse of honest sellers by unscrupulous buyers gaming the system, nor make the site work better, make it safer, or more trustworthy.

The one and only thing this change does is to cover ebaY’s @$$, and pave the way for “anything goes” with no accountability. And there’s no telling just where these money grubbing lunatics will go. Look where you started and where you are now.

Honest folks with even a shred of integrity don’t use a site which is abusive, corrupt and rigged at face value. It’s just that simple.

As things are now on the site, there are perhaps more things broken
than there are which function correctly. There is limited visibility, undisclosed or secret Cassini search engine Beta testing, Sellers reporting a tiny fraction of sales/traffic/views. There is strong evidence that the situation is being purposefully manipulated to collect more relist fees or to favor large corporate clients to the detriment of smaller “mom & pop” sellers etc.

There are glitches affecting seller’s preferences to which countries they sell/ship to, affecting the display of “free shipping” on their listing/checkout pages, along with impossible browser stats on traffic reports etc.

There has been glitches affecting bidding, checkout, Paypal outages and service interruptions… and on and on…

To summarize; members are being cheated. The cost of the service(s) has gone up, the quality of the service hasn’t just gone down, it’s often non-existent. This while ebay/paypal  further monetize or make wallet share encroachments such as paid ads for other products right on the sellers’ own auction listings, or being charged a fee for a service (shipping & handling) which ebay doesn’t even provide.

Ebay is not correcting issues, notifying the community of such issues, nor even offering explanations when grave security concerns are abundant.

In short, the site is crumbling before your eyes. It’s broken. Borked. Hopelessly AFU’d

I’ve also seen on several occasions where sellers stated they would be initiating legal action  over the issues.

There is also strong evidence of collusion if not outright criminal conspiracy for recent shill bidding and related affairs.

If you agree to the new Terms of Service, and nothing happens to prevent it such as a court order/injunction/legal challenge, they in theory and likely in practice, can cheat you in a million different ways because you gave your expressed permission to do so. Don’t give in to these neo-cyber-mobsters!

It’s very doubtful any single victim  will or can stand up to this 900 Gorilla on crack and steroids on a legal playfield. We already know they would be beat down and dragged out financially long before anything were to be settled.

Now ebaY wants to hobble the villagers so they can’t all come and burn down the monster in it’s creepy, sleazy castle of greed. Top it all off with an insultingly  slick little PT Barnum “see the egress” trick for anyone who doesn’t agree to obviously unlawful contract terms.

Don’t give in to this corruption. Close your accounts, not just your ebay accounts, close your Paypal accounts too. There’s every reason to believe that Paypal may make similar changes in it’s terms of use also. Give them what they want until they never want it again.

Believe me when I tell you, it will be a lot more fun watching ebaY/Paypal either crash & burn or just die a slow painful, embarrassing, indignant death once you are away from IT.

Sorry for the long rant. I could have gone on and on. Oy vey! Hope you enjoyed the spoof picture. (it opens full size in a new tab or window btw)

If nothing else we can always make the world laugh at sleazebay. No reasonable person could keep a straight face after this episode anyway.