Wowie Zowie! Ebay gets a new a logo.

This is almost too funny for words. It’s a taken quite a while for the uncontrollable laughter to subside enough to post a few words. I’ll try to be brief.

First off, the logo is being described with words and phrases like boring, Crayola-esque and “that’s not a logo, it’s a font”.

Devin Wenig’s statement on the introductory page reads like they had the buzzwords page open for reference on their next tab.

But the leaner bland look conceals the borked and bewildered state of affairs of the site. It promises to be the very biggest of ebaY’s forgotten failures and PR scams. Except I doubt this one will be forgotten.

Let me show you a prime example of why the ebaY and their new ebaY logo fails!

At ecommercebytes ekg site, we can see how a “normal” company responds to even a minor issue, in a timely fashion, with a real human giving a non-copy and paste, accurate reply.

It should be noted that ebaY’s very own announcement board is always devoid of any site issues until and unless they become some sort of national news, regardless of the effect or impact upon users.

However, when numerous, legitimate, persistent issues regarding ebaY policies, [non]functionality, security, lackluster customer service etc are posted anywhere,  they respond with things like censorship, bullying users into surrendering their right to file class action lawsuits over issues such as losses due to site failures/malfunctions, unlawful policies etc, via unconscionable terms of service, or even site takedowns via bogus allegations, and any number other all too obvious PR stunts or diversions such as this new logo.

Remember always, ebaY users are just noise. However, the dark Wallstreet overlords must be kept bamboozled!

As we can all see quite clearly, ebaY, with it’s three, no make a 5+ year mission of reductive transmogrification (or whatever they call it) is looking more like The Seth Brundle Museum of Natural History these days.

Some commenters emoted suggestions for songs which depict the new logo, such as “MacArther Park” but if I had to compose a quick progressive ditty for ebaY and it’s gorgonic stepdaughter Paypal, it would go something more  like this:

And if I were to design a new ebaY logo, it would look something like this:

"If seven maids with seven mops swept IT for half a year, do you suppose, the Walrus said, that they could get it clear?" "I doubt it!" said the Carpenter, and shed a bitter tear.

Any questions? ;p

disclaimer: ebaY logo used here under U.S. Copyright Fair Use