It looks like another major embarrassment for sleazebaY!

ABC News 20/20 aired a program the other night, “Intoxication Nation” which featured a segment wherein a 13 year old boy ordered and received alcohol. Not just beer, but hard liquor being sold as “collectible” .

True to form, immediately after, but only after they knew the program would be aired,  ebaY made an announcement:

Due to recent policy violations, we are temporarily suspending all buying and selling activity for full bottles of beer and spirits listed in the Collectibles category. We expect to allow these listings again after developing and implementing additional, reasonable requirements to support seller compliance with our policies and applicable laws. We will continue to allow listings by pre-approved, licensed wine sellers.

We appreciate that the majority of sellers follow eBay policies regarding the sale of alcohol, and apologize to those who are being unduly affected by the violations of a few. We will refund all insertion fees and feature fees to sellers who have listings affected by this temporary suspension.

Just as true to form, they lied! With one quick search this morning, I was able to find no less than 81 active listings for vintage liquor unopened. Much of it at inexpensive Buy it Now prices. Chalk up another huge fail for ebaY!

But there’s plenty of fail to go around. It’s not only ebaY.  It’s the parents, Not least of all it’s the kids, and to some degree, our entire society as well.

As adults, we are all parents of the children of our society in a sense. We all bear a burden to do the right thing. That’s why clerks typically card everyone buying alcohol, even if they are old and grey.  That’s why occasionally we have undercover police operations to catch clerks and/or other businesses, bars, or nightclubs etc  selling to/allowing underage people.

Businesses have a very large responsibility to do their part. ebaY is no exception, nor are the individual sellers there.

In my humble opinion, ebaY and those individual sellers should all be brought up on criminal charges or face other legal consequences the same as any random brick and mortar business caught selling to minors. Furthermore, ebaY should face public condemnation and perhaps additional legal penalties for another fake, false,  face saving PR announcement which turned out to be a big fat lie!

Let’s face it, some things are better not sold on the internet for obvious reasons. With specific regard to ebaY, things like liquor, guns parts etc on a site where no one’s ID or age is verified, and where fake IDs are readily available is a big mistake. I trust that simple concept doesn’t need explaining?

Which brings me to the final point here. Media fail!

With all the other things going on with ebaY, (literally too many things to mention),  why is the media focusing on this? There are lots of other major criminal activity and unlawful things going on at ebay 24/7/365. Come on mainstream media, get with the program!

Here’s the follow-up at abc News.

I’m running low on time here. That’s all I’ve got.