I was reading this blog post at ecommercebytes, which is pretty critical of ebaY and some of the recent cosmetic foo-foo site changes, along with the Cassini search engine fail fiasco and other glaring issues.

In the readers’ comments it is mentioned that the article headline/link had at first shown and was then dropped from news search, so I decided to run a quick search myself. I found the very same result. Even when searching by exact title and within the time range of one week. I also started with broader terms; ebaY style etc.

The Bing News results screencapture:

I just find that very odd and felt it was worth sharing. I’m not sure how many (if any) valid or legitimate reasons there could be for that other than purposeful censorship/blackout?

I found and commented about the same lack of news search results back when ecommercebytes published a post regarding a settlement of a Paypal money holds  lawsuit.