Well now… isn’t this the most touching ad you’ve ever seen?

Oh yes, innocent babes, along with gangster slang derived phrases like “PayPal has your back this holiday season”.

It’s  reminiscent of last Holiday season, and the Regretsy Kids scandal, one of the more revealing and ugly Paypal episodes. Paypal tried to steal from needy children and got caught in lie after blatant lie.

How short does Paypal think the public’s memory is?

Please do not use Paypal or parent company ebaY this Holiday season or ever again for that matter.  No matter what the special deal is, it’s not right to support their thuggish behavior.

There are too many good reasons not to go near them aside from their hideous, unprofessional customer service and shapeshifting  policies.

That would include things like at major trust and safety issues, and of course their very latest unconscionable Terms of Use changes, complete with preposterous  opt-out procedure.

For more reasons why to never use Paypal. Peruse this blog, or just search the web.