This was not a difficult prediction. Given numerous issues as of late, anyone could have seen this coming.

Ebay ran a promotion to Jump-start your holiday listings by invitation only. However, their forums have lit up with complaints by frustrated users whom feel they have been cheated, and that sleazebay is scamming them. Understandably so, this is far, far from the first time such “glitchfraud” has been observed on ebaY.

I advise calling ebaY and demanding a refund. Bear in mind that a refund and a credit are 2 different things.

In addition, users may wish to file complaints with the FTC.  Make sure to cite a pattern of behavior, eg: they have numerous “glitches” which always favors ebaY. Further, they make resolution nearly impossible due to poor customer service. ei: they make people spend unduly lengths of time to have issues corrected. Wait times for customer service run into hours regularly, oftentimes requiring several phone calls to achieve resolution.

Best solution of all may be simply to avoid ebaY. Do not list a thing. It’s common knowledge that their Cassini search engine is hopelessly broken.

They’ve also butchered the wildcard search, making it impossible to find things efficiently.  They claim that .35% of users are draining too many resources, thus the discontinuance. LoL!

Here are some of the complaint threads, followed by an obligatory composite screencapture. (click to enlarge, opens in new tab or window)

eBay offer for Nov,12-14 Free Listing is fake offer eBay charges the money

Free fixed price listing error?

Invitation for free listings still being charged for the third time help!!!

Fixed Price listings free by invitation Nov 12-14

Update: An ebaY pink offers up a reply. (now with updated screencapture, November 18, 2012)

Nov 12, 2012 05:03 PM

I wanted to confirm that we were able to fix the issues many of you noticed early this morning. That fix went active at about 8am Pacific. If you listed eligible items prior to 8am and had listing fees charged, your fees will automatically be credited back to you.



I wonder why they didn’t put anything about that on the announcement board?

Still, I see that ebaY was just stricken with a listings special glitch of a similar nature. That should give everyone a warm cheery feeling, yeh?