Much like the recent new ebaY logo fail fiasco, this new Top Rated Seller Plus Badge is little more than a sideshow. Does a great job keeping everyone’s attention away from the cluster galaxy of horror which ebaY is.

Thy could have made it a little more futuristic. Maybe some Tribbles, ewoks, Klingon cloaking device or some subtle reminder of the true nature of things?

Maybe it’s just me but there’s something patently dishonest and disgusting about trying to pacify people with a cheap trinket while  secretly placing them in beta testing without their expressed knowledge and consent, then hiding behind some shyster-thug tactics such as forced arbitration clauses in the Term of Use for when it fails miserably and causes unjustified losses/damages through no fault of the unsuspecting user.

It’s already causing visibility issues for sellers in the switchover, as once again, ebaY faulty software rules the day.

This theme also still refuses to die:

Badges???BADGES!!! … We don’t need no stinking cult deprogramming!

Can’t you just feel that warm golden love sprinkling down upon you from your charismatic leader?

So again, this is nothing new, just variations on a lame and predictable theme. Hype, distraction, diversion, made of the very same old R.E.T.A.R.D. technology which comprises the ebaY universe.

The Badges mean nothing! They do not represent any higher level of trust, safety reliability, satisfaction etc. Just peruse any of ebaY’s “No Touchy” diamond level sellers feedback.

What’s more, all or most the various counterfeit sellers, cyber fences, ID thieves, retail theft crime ringleaders etc perpetually being caught operating on the abominable  crimewave of a site known as ebaY are/have been Top Rated Sellers.

Spin again?