Yes, it would seem pretty clear that Doomsday is rapidly approaching! LoL!

We can’t really let this go by without comment even though it has every appearance of being some sort of troll job and/or diversion.

Just in time, a spectacle of epic proportions hits the internet, and the real world. Hostess announced it’s going out of business, sparking a frenetic response, especially amongst the ebaY seller set.

Twinkies trended on twitter both worldwide and in the USA. Ebay did not.

Hostess Twinkies are being snatched from store shelves nationally and placed upon ebaY for staggering, insane prices.

Listings have included Twinkies for $10 Million, with your company logo, delivered in a van, Twinkies under Mafia Protection,  (now revised to something lame), Twinkies for $15 Million (with a plea to Warren Buffet and Bill Gates from an alleged charity no less.)

I’m waiting for Twinkies blessed by a priest, or demon possessed by the ghost of Ebeneezer Scrooge.
The situation is something which is akin to price gouging after the Hurricane Sandy or whatever. Ebay loves it.

All in all, it’s much ado about nothing. It does serve to to cover up real news of other sorts across the spectrum, and with regards to ebaY it couldn’t be better timing to obscure the recent news about critical ID stealing xss flaws on their site and antitrust lawsuits filed by the DoJ.

As for Hostess, again who cares? There’s plenty of hollow calorie junk food out there.
As for ebaY, well, what can we say? it’s just a clear glimpse at the creamy filling and underbelly of that culture. (with emphasis upon cult)

Update November 19,2012 . It looks like Twinkies and Hostess both have been saved for now.

This changes nothing with regards to ebaY.  Twinkie sellers are still going completely stark raving mad.

That’s right, they still have not yet figured it out! Blinded and deafened by greed!

Check twitter and ebaY Twinkie listings.