I think ebaY has selected a terrible time to start tweaking their search features.  Here’s what I just found searching first for chain saw, then for chainsaw. Clearly, there is a big problem. Nice to see the sponsored ads are still working though.


There have been numerous complaints as of late with regards to the borked search & finding on ebay. A quick trip to their search forum shows alot of upset users, both buyers and sellers. A visit to the Technical Issues forum looks bad as well.

It almost seems like the site is hacked if you asked me. There aren’t too many other explanations for all the troubles they’ve been having. The only thing missing is some mad hacker taunting ebaY on their own forums. But I’m pretty sure it’s really just ebaY’s incompetent staff causing the issues. LoLz!

Recently ebaY even removed the wildcard asterisk (*) search feature, and seem to have picked a search engine technology which is not only ridiculously difficult and inefficient to use, but also more geared towards spying on users’ habits so as to sell/share their data to some other parasite corporations rather than finding items.

Please note that your results may vary, from one minute to the next as ebaY is apparently shuffling things around like there’s no tomorrow. But the sheer number of complaints cannot be dismissed.

As an ebaY critic, I must say it’s awful fun to watch. ;p