It would seem that ebay is now not only failing to act as promised on it’s Buyer Protection Policy, they are also flat out suspending users whom file claims. I’ve seen numerous reports of this sort of thing as of late. Now it’s finally starting to be reported on ebay centric blogs.

Here’s another example, Ebay Blocked My Buying Activity, CRazy EBAY_20121203_c640

And another fine example, this time with Paypal’s Protection policies, which somehow are thoroughly intertwined with ebay’s policies, making matters extremely convoluted and confusing. Read how one lady is very  likely set to lose $3650 on  a fake Hermes purse. Then keep reading to see some of Paypal’s infamous advisors and others who are climbing the company ladder swoop in, badger the victim,  and attempt to steer or derail the conversation with quibbling questions and nonsense. Paypal failed to protect me as buyer_20121126_c640

Not enough? Here’s one more for good measure…

Now, all this while Ebay president Devin Wenig was bold enough to get on video recently and state, right off the bat:

“… ebay buyer protection is a rock solid gaurantee that any buyer that is not happy with their purchase on ebay ends up getting reimbursed…”

“… We do have a rock solid guarantee that is ebay buyer protection, ebay bpp…”

The goocher comes at the very end of that video btw. Watch it. It’s quite telling

So not only is ebay and paypal not honoring their BPP, they are punishing and unfairly suspending members who seek to use the service they tout so highly.

I suspect that ebay/paypal faulty software is again behind these incidents. What’s more, these peculiar types of things always seem to happen sporadically before the announcements (or even secret)  implementation of new policies.

So buyers, please report to the ebay Zyklon B building with your protection claims. You are the next sacred cows to be butchered.

Do yourselves a favor, avoid ebaY and Paypal. There are literally millions of complaints about them on the interwebs. The fact is that bad buying experiences on ebay still rule the day. I expect that trend to continue if not increase with the epidemic of fake paypal and ebay accounts.