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If we all remember, Paypal President  David Marcus promised a massive culture change in what can only be viewed as a cheap PR stunt when Paypal faced a great deal of negative social media attention.

Fast forward to another ugly ebaY/Paypal policy and customer service SNAFU. Without running down all the gory details, it was in ways,  basically a rerun of the earlier affair featuring the same mal-elements: extremely poor customer service, applied unequally, and only resolved satisfactorily and fairly after a significant shizzlestorm on the socialsphere. I feel this comment from the article sums the entire situation perfectly.


Now comes another such situation only this time the victim doesn’t have bazillions of twitter followers. What they have is Paypal’s inconsistent and trans-mutating, polymorphic policies and kookaninny, pathological klepto-customer service in action, and the victim stands to lose a whopping $3650 over a fake Hermes lady’s fashion purse which should not have even been on the sleazebay site to begin with.

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Thread screencapture "all need to read the shady/crooked ways of paypal $3650 Counterfeit Bag"

Those who read before may remember my post regarding a handbag purchase of $3650 and filed not as described because of damage to bag that was not said. When paying with funds because i’m a seller also my claim was turned into authenticity info needed. I was forced to get documentation of aucthenticity of bag even though my claim was for damage and missing pieces. When asking paypal why they needed this i’m told because we do not want to allow a counterfeit item back in hands of seller. Okay so because of amount i was forced this info.

I got this document and the bag was written up as counterfeit and police report was made out right after because i was being jerked around by seller and paypal. Paypal still closed case out in favor of seller even with documents of counterfeit and police report. I filed appeal and argued the matter over with them for days until someone with a brain finally looked into it and appealed the case for me after she read into it , thank you Melissa for seeing what was really going on. This rep said i deserved a refund and appealed it and gave me her id number and all and said she would be handling my claim for now on because i been jerked around from beginning being as i paid with funds. By the way this bag was shipped to me and being honest person i didn’t file non received like i now know i should have done (case solved/closed would have been easy).

On Dec 1  another seller account was found by me from same person again passing off counterfeit bags for almost $2000 each and negative feedback was left saying fake. I presented this info to Melissa and she forwarded this over to paypal protection service and i got email from Makliwe telling me : After reviewing your claim, we feel you’re entitled to a refund. To receive your refund, simply follow these steps: with seller address.

Yes i’m now being told send counterfeit bag back to seller and this is at end of email from Makliwe of paypal protection service: Once we confirm your shipping information, we will credit your PayPal account. Please note: your refund amount is based on the Protection Coverage listed on the Auction and could be less than the original transaction amount.

I paid $70 more to ship this counterfeit bag back because i’m told get insurance and signature delivery so because i didn’t want any more problems to come up i paid the extra to safely get this counterfeit bag back to seller. On Dec 10 bag shows received and signed for online as per paypal. I call on Dec 11 at 10am spoke to John w paypal and told him i was told to contact them for refund once tracking showed received by seller and i did just that. John said paypal put a hold on the claim to where he could not process the refund that someone over him had to take care of this, but he said you will have your refund by the end of the day.

Okay here we are around 4pm no refund i call paypal back and Heather (her and i had big disagreement before over this issue) she told me i had to wait 3 more days. I’m like you have to be joking and now i’m being jerked around again. She told me the counterfeit bag should not have been sent back, but oh i got email from fraud protection that told me to send back and i did just that. Heather put me on hold for long time and claim to have talked to every supervisor over her and they refused to release my money after i was forced to send conterfeit bag back to crook. She told me there was no way she was releasing it and that i had to wait 3 days, when asked why the 3 days when that email from fraud dept says refund soon as received – i was told we have to wait for the seller to say he got that exact bag back.

At this point i’m furious paypal has to be kidding me why are they protecting this crooked seller so much, at this point i’m beginning to think this is inside job because i never seen them protect a crooked seller like this before, it normally always against the seller but for some reason they are protecting this person at all cost. Ebay hid his sales from the other bags that were fake and it only brings up other bags like that when  you open instead of the actual auction.

So now i no longer have counterfeit bag to give to FBI and paypal will not refund until seller says he got that bag back. Really so paypal now is depending upon this crook to say he got that bag back when in beginning when i said not as described his first email was tell me you didn’t switch out my bag ….


I have written to every agency possible this is for those to be aware of shady ways of paypal . I’m going to FBI in morning and filing theft charges on paypal at this point as i told Heather if my money not back in my account by end of the day . I told Heather send me email stating i had 3 days to wait for this crooked seller and she told me flat out no she was not doing that. They need to be investigated at this point because i’m starting to think there is some inside job being done

Sorry this was so long, i’m really upset at this point and so done with beign jerked around by paypal

The pattern of behavior is clear. Paypal and ebaY policies always favor whatever outcome is the least risky and/or lossy for them, either financially or from the public relations point of view.

If you’re not some mega-blogger or internet celebrity of some sort, you’ll get the shaft. Their only allegiance is to Wallstreet, and saving their pompous, pretentious face. They will use whatever circumstance they can to their advantage. If that means launching a fake PR stunt to make them look like saints, or ruining someone’s Holidays, so be it.

In addition, having 2 different protection policies [ei: ebaY and Paypal] makes for more opportunities to play games like “movable goalposts” and “pass the buck” I’m still not sure how, as a subsidiary of ebaY, Paypal can pretend to be operating at “arm’s length”?

composite showing neg and item declared fake removed

It looks to me like Paypal can’t recover any money from the seller, who has another complaint of fake goods. Ebay even removed one item (Hermes Colbrat Blue 35 cm 2011, $1,706) from the site after a negative feedback review was posted calling it fake. That’s pretty much an admission of a counterfeit item. It’s also ebaY’s way of worming out of having to pay buyer protection. If it never existed on their site, *POOF* there is no case to file.

Where is ebaY  with their “rock solid guarantee” of buyer protection which was stated clearly in plain English by Devin Wenig?

Either there is a guarantee or there’s not. It should have no bearing upon how much negative PR can be focused on Paypal. It should not be dependent of external sites, outside the normal Paypal customer service channels. We’ve been seeing too much of that across the range of issues such as security and hacked accounts. Quite frankly, that’s crooked, unfair, and extremely unprofessional to say the least. Special favors, special powers.

It’s pretty clear that there has been no massive culture change at Paypal. There was a massive PR stunt which has proven to be fake, little more than lip service. That horrible heavy duty vacuum sound you’re hearing blowing throughout the interwebs is Paypal suck suck sucking!

My advice, as always, close down your Paypal (and ebaY) accounts. Do whatever you need to to make sure they cannot draw your funds from your bank accounts or credit cards.

Conversely, if you are a scammer, then go for it. Scam the ever-loving bleep out of everyone you can. Paypal has your back. LoLz!

(note: sarcasm ^ Kids don’t try this at home!)

Update 12-14-2012

What a surprise. It appears the victim got her money back, but not without a few parting kicks to the backside by Paypal, ebaY, and LieWorld.  (snip)

auction tampering aftermath_all need to read the shady/crooked ways of paypal


If you read the entire discussion thread, I think you’ll agree that there are many very good reasons to avoid ebay and paypal, or sleazebay as it is aptly known.