We have a winner! ebay.uk seller and “Pillar of the Community”  dvdpony racks up a whopping 836 negs in one month, becoming NARU   (Not A Registered User), and finishing their ebaY seller career with an impressive score of 3, and an overall rating of 48.6%

Yesterday morning it was 697 negs, and they still had the Top Rated Seller badge.


That may be a new record.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that sellers are not able to be rehabilitated, as deadbeat buyers are for instance. They must be exterminated.

The good news,  for every seller who quits or gets suspended, ten more join ebay, (as ebay cheerleaders will tell you.)  Might actually be more than that by now, with the proliferation of fake accounts for sale through so many sources.

It is unclear as to what really happened here.The real possibility exists that the seller has fallen ill, been killed, injured etc. I’m sure no one wishes that.

Just as sad, in the ebaY realm it’s also quite possible that the account is fake or otherwise purely a vehicle or instrument for fraud.

Once I saw that ebaY was deleting topic threads about it on their USA forums and cutting off feed to toolhaus it seemed pretty clear they wanted to keep it covered up.

Last summer there was a very troubling episode of  BBC Radio 4 – You and Yours, on 22/06/2012 which dealt with some monumental failure by ebay.uk across the range of issues such as fake IDs, ID theft, hijacking of legitimate company names, buyers being defrauded, while ebaY knew full well there was outright fraud occurring, yet failed to act. It was really one of the worst ebaY failures I’ve ever been aware of.  As usual, ebaY gave a great song and dance performance.

The ebaY portion starts out around 7:40 into the program.

Oh yeah, if you are a victim of this, don’t forget about ebaY’s “rock solid guarantee” of Buyer Protection.

I’m still left wondering how some Mom & Pop sellers can get suspended for 1 negative review, 1 opened case, or one bad DSR star, but this sort of thing can happen?