I must say that I was initially somewhat impressed by this research study (PDF direct download) from ebay, found today on the Harvard Business Review blog.


Using what appear to be genuine, accepted methodology they have produced results which seem to indicate that spending money on paid search with Google and Bing keywords is not such a bargain. Whether the results are truly valid and/or will remain so in such a fluid and dynamic environment are another thing. I have no doubt this is bound to create a hullabaloo.

The study is authored by eBay Research Labs economists Thomas Blake, Chris Noskos, and Steve Tadelis, presumably all ebaY employees, not independent researchers. Read the Harvard Business Report blog here.

It looks like ebay and Google (and msn/Bing?) are getting ready to rumble (again). More on that later.

A couple other things to consider is that ebaY is a company that doesn’t understand the difference between negative and neutral, that a five star rating system is not a binary system, when a bidder does not pay, that is not a successful sale, nor that feedback is more than just an advertising buzzword, a talking point, a revenue generating device, a control/coercion device, or a cheap and dirty trick through which to cheat their members, and bamboozle Wall Street, but an integral part of any dynamic system and/or device.  I could go on and on …

Don’t even get me going about ebay’s own pathetic search engine. LoLz!

These types of things have led to a serious decline in credibility (among users and paying customers) of anything which ebaY purports, as their actions and behavior regarding nonsensical policies, statements, frenetic site changes etc have reached epic proportions.

I’m not so sure that ebaY understands what the word science means. I think they spell it $cience

I’m sorry, to have to delve  into whimsey, it’s just too hard to take anything they say seriously after all there has been.

There is one Universal constant which sleazebay can count on:

Science does not remove the terror of the Gods. ;p

Update march 15, 2013:

I see the seo blogosphere is beginning to react to ebay’s study. Which reminded me of this little collage of actual ebay adwords from Google search that I put together way back in 2006 which demonstrated ebaY’s fine use of adwords. It is also featured in one of my youtube videos.

I could not let this go by without sharing. Opens in a new tab or window. Enjoy! ;p