Those whom violate the new anti-flyer policy will be exterminated for the glory of the community!  In what can only be viewed as another clear indication of chronic, progressive ecommerce dementia, ebay appears to be preparing a new policy prohibiting sellers from including flyers containing offers for any off-site business between sellers and their own customers.

As is their style, they’ve sent out the precursory surveys strongly hinting that any flyers or other promotional material which sellers include with parcels or items sent, shall not include any offers to conduct additional transactions outside of ebay.

Any such policy would be grossly overstepping any right or authority they must believe they hold, but I’m sure we all know that won’t stop them from trying.

Remember, ebaY’s User Agreement states: “We are not involved in the actual transaction between buyers and sellers.”

In addition they’ve stepped up implementation of the roving JägerMörderbots which detect messages that may include offers to conduct transactions outside the site. That has caused major disruption in normal communications. In the process, they are alienating sellers from the smallest, clear to shooting star level. Ebay doesn’t care though. Members are just noise. The 80-20 rule applies. Nonconformists will be routed off the site.

So if you feel you’ve been snubbed by not receiving special listing offers etc, remember that ebay aches for you! They hate it when that happens. It was probably just a glitch where the promo message was flagged/botstricken by ebay’s crack software as an offer to conduct biz offsite.

I’m sure everyone is wondering how in the world they can ever enforce any anti-flyer policy? Simple. By conjuring more equally cockamamie policies, along with the usual circular logic, cult-like brainwashing, threats/implied threats, intimidation etc that ebaY is famous for. ei: Like not being allowed to leave a negative statement within a positive feedback comment, (in a world where ‘level playing field’ means you can only leave positive feedback) or not being able to mention acceptance of any non-paypal payment methods such as checks, money orders, (in a world where all other payments types have been called unsafe and effectively outlawed, by, arguably, the world’s worst overall, scofflaw payment method) and so on.

And let’s not forget all that takes place in a world where your data is sold, shared and God only knows what… You are tracked, analyzed, compiled and have wallet share extracted at every avail.

Many words and paragraphs could be used to describe or detail all that is wrong with the this policy change, as well as the general corporate mindset, but it should be readily apparent by now that ebay does not operate in the same universe as the rest of us. We may as well take any criticism to the same level of  absurdity.

Since the thought leader era, perhaps due to a broken moral compass, the deranged turnaround train derailed from all logic, common sense, and common courtesy. No telling how many have been/will be run down by it, but it’s careening ahead at full bore, right past the signposts to Willoughby

Thought Leader, Thought Police

Ebay’s flyer enforcement program is already in Beta testing, with Flyer sniffing detection dogs.  So far,  it’s only results are mostly yapping, incessant, ridiculous questions, messes on the floor and a lots & lots of leg-humping. Once complete, they will be deployed at all post offices, TSA checkpoints and border crossings.


In the UK, ebaY’s test bed,  they raised a volunteer brigade of paypal enforcement cheerleaders and had them go door to door searching for illegal flyers, smashing any old violins they found along the  way, and silencing anyone mentioning Boycott or ebay’s tax cheat status and especially those who sign petitions which decry the 21-180 Paypal money  holds. That didn’t go over so well. Even though it was kept hush-hush in the lamestream media, there were a lot of riots. Thus the change in tactics to enforce the no-flyer policy in the USA.

Seriously though, the only thing left to be determined is whether ebaY’s $leaze-induced psychosis outweighs the sellers’ co-dependence disorder? How could any sane, honest person operate in that environment?