A very curious ‘glitch‘ has popped up on ebaY.  Sellers’ listings are being deleted or cancelled due to reaching seller limits erroneously. There is more than one complaint thread topic. Ebay customer support acknowledges a  ‘widespread’ bug.

Here’s the [erroneous] message sellers are receiving from ebaY:

We’ve noticed you’ve exceeded your monthly selling limits. Because of this, your most recently listed unsold items have been removed and all associated fees have been credited to your account. Selling limits are put in place to help you establish a positive selling history and provide excellent service to your customers.

Now from the forums:

Seller Limits Not Known, but Exceeded!

Seller Limits Not Known, but Exceeded!

Mar 20, 2013 12:19 PM

eBay user since 1997!  Total sales amount in high 6 figures. Total number of sales ~20K. Feedback about as near perfect as it can be.

Today, I listed 13 fixed price listings. According to eBay, I exceed my seller limit. A total of about 140 auctions and fixed price listings were cancelled.

I call eBay, and the gal can’t even tell me what my selling limit is!!! So she transfers me to Seller Vetting, or something. Of course, the call doesn’t go through.

I go back to the email I received, and click on the link to contact ebay about my seller limit. Bad link

I go to the eBay seller limit page, and click on the link to increase my seller limit. Link is not active yet.


Now here’s the response from ebaY customer support:

ebay deleting auctions due to _reaching your limitMar 20, 2013 01:56 PM

just got through on chat took 20 mins but here’s their reply:

“We apologise for this. Please be advised that this is a known bug and our technical team is currently looking into the root cause. I’m afraid though, we’re not able to give exact time on when this will be resolved. Rest assured, we’re treating this as a priority. Again, we apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused”

Now the complaints are rolling in fast and furious!

All 1500 items removed because of tech issue

Why do I have a 1000 item limit restriction??? No items in my store now?

ebay ends auctions early using code mc999

It looks like lots and lots of sellers are upset because they are suffering losses of time, money and effort, and World Class ebaY is clueless.

You know what this reminds me of, in a way? The Vladuz as Ebay customer service rep affair from October 2007.

You really do have to wonder, seeing as how the hijackings or account take-overs, fake SCO offers and xss redirects are all on a big upswing lately.  The only thing missing is some comedian/hacker pwning sleazebay on their own forums.